Booking a voiceover artist

Booking a Voiceover Artist is a Risky Business!

Booking a Voiceover Artist?  We’ve done the legwork for you.

Voices on Voiceover Profiles® can deliver the quality your brand demands. Saving you time, stress and money because we have already done the quality checks. You just need to find the right voiceover artist for your project.

During Covid-19 a huge amount of voiceover artists (and actors who occasionally do it on the side) were forced to set up ‘home-studios’. This puts you, the client booking a voiceover artist, in a risky position in terms of quality. There’s far more to voiceover than owning a microphone and speaking into it. If you are experienced at working with voiceover artists it can be frustrating having to sift through low-quality auditions and if you are new to the process then it can be daunting and confusing.

We hear you!

There are risks when booking a voiceover artist online. Although the frankly old-fashioned and far more costly model of ‘Voiceover Agent + city-based studio’ is not as dominant in the industry as once was, the benefit (you would hope) was that the VO had been vetted by the agent and the audio would be pristine when recorded in the expensive studio. But now, and knowing that the industry is seeing this influx of ’newbies’, if you book a VO without the safety-net of the above model, how can you avoid the risks?

Let’s identify the risks when booking a voiceover artist and learn how the Voiceover Profiles® qualification process mitigates them:

Wasted Time and Resources

You’ve gone to the effort of writing the copy for your project and expect potential voiceover artists to be able to deliver a professional reading recorded at a high quality.

SOLUTION: Avoid wasted time and resources by booking a qualified professional

Your Brand

Whether it is for a telephone menu or a commercial for worldwide broadcast, the voice represents you. Untrained and inexperienced voiceovers can often sound unconfident, uncertain, lacking in clarity and the recording quality…..well you could probably do just as well yourself! Sometimes, the voiceover artist just doesn’t ‘get you’ or your brand. They lack the flexibility required to be directed in a session. They keep giving you the same take over and over again and it’s simply not working. Again, you are wasting time and money and your brand is suffering.

SOLUTION: Work with a professional voice artist who is not only trained but experienced. They’ve put their training into practice and this is not their first job! They understand that the project is important to you and your customers.

It doesn’t sound right

If you are new to booking voiceover artists then it can prove difficult to identify what the problems are with the audio. You know that something isn’t right…it’s ‘echoey’ ‘muffled’ perhaps too quiet or too loud and distorted, maybe you can hear a hissing or some noise like clicks and pops….. If you are experienced at booking voices then you expect better. Often VOs represent themselves with just professionally produced demos but are unable to record to anywhere near the standard achieved by the professional producer.

SOLUTION: You can hear a real honest example of each of the voiceover artists’ studio-quality when using our search and filtering system. Hit play and you’ll hear them introduce themselves. This is the high quality you can expect when you book them. Each of the voices you’ll find here have worked to refine their recording quality; a recording quality you can rely on to represent your brand.


In addition to the above and mitigating further risks involved in booking a voiceover artist, all voices here on Voiceover Profiles® have proven:

Acting Skills

Business Acumen

Excellent Communication Skills

Meticulous attention to detail

A willing and focused desire to achieve the professional results which I expect.

Believe me when I say that my standards are high, sky-high. In the rigorous application process, any applicant who made a single mistake was rejected. So instead of wasting time listening to hundreds of voices who cannot deliver, instead opt for a professional. Opt for Voiceover Profiles®.

Guy Michaels – June 2020