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Voiceover Profiles is a new directory of Voiceover Artists.  It is very difficult to get approval for a profile.


Voice first - meaning it is not what you look like but instead what you sound like.  Audio is the main feature throughout the site.

Pristine audio - all voices on Voiceover Profiles will be able to deliver the highest quality of audio 'on-time every-time' for each project.

Client focused - the user experience of the site is tailored to those searching for voices for their project.  It uses a simple and effective filtering system.  There is no gender filter.

Quality over quantity - many directories and P2Ps get very excited over the fact that they have thousands upon thousands of voices.  In the shoes of the client, this is rarely useful, especially when such a small percentage of those voiceover artists can actually deliver high-quality audio and meet the brief to the letter.

Easy to make contact - each voice has an individual contact form for clients to use.

No fees - there are zero fees or commission for any project.


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