voice actor Guy Michaels

Voiceover Profiles® has been created by UK voiceover artist and producer Guy Michaels.

Here, Guy gives an overview of the need for such a unique platform and the ethos that fuels the design, the interface and ultimately the unparalleled quality provided by each and every voice actor on the site.

Voiceover Artists with Professional Home Studios

I've worked with thousands of voiceover artists worldwide but it has become difficult to whole-heartedly recommend.  Why?  A decade ago, that recommendation would be based on the voiceover talent alone, their vocal skills at the microphone in a professional studio setting.  Today, to recommend a voiceover artist, I need to know that they run a professional dedicated voiceover studio, can deliver flawless audio on time every time and that they run their business as a true professional.  Covid has accelerated the need for re-assurance that the voiceover talent has not only the vocal skill but the proven technical know-how to deliver audio that will seamlessly integrate into your project.  If I know a voiceover who is 'qualified' in this way and is at the top of their vocal, technical and business games then yes I can confidently recommend.

That was the birth of Voiceover Profiles®.

Voiceover Profiles® will only ever list voice actors who can deliver the full service.  You will not find any amateur voiceovers on here.  You will not find any beginner voiceovers or those who thought they'd 'give it a go'.  Instead, all listed voices are voiceover professionals. All voices on here have proven themselves in a multi-part application process.

Proven Voiceover Skills

As the client booking a voiceover artist these days, whether for an explainer video, eLearning project or a commercial voiceover job, you need pros who can deliver great quality audio.

The problem many bookers face is there is zero standardization in terms of audio quality from one voiceover artist to the next.  Voiceover Profiles® solves that problem.

The risk of booking a VO on most other voiceover directories, through voiceover agents or even directly is that the audio recording you are paying for will contain pops, clicks, hisses, hums, background noise, dynamic inconsistencies or other signs of amateur-level recording.

Booking your chosen voiceover directly through Voiceover Profiles® means that you already know that these voices have proven themselves to deliver audio free from these and any other problems.

To become a voiceover artist listed on Voiceover Profiles® takes both skill and determination as the multi-stage application process is a purposefully arduous one.   Very few make the grade and there is no luck involved.  Either the pro voiceover can deliver perfect recordings at the same time as displaying flexible vocal skills and the ability to take direction - or they can not.  The vast majority who apply will not achieve the required standards.

Remember, not all home-studios for voiceover are the same.  Apart from that, to be a true professional voiceover takes a highly developed ear - it is not just about the voice.

Even if you think you are safe booking your voiceover talent through a reputable agent there is zero guarantee of recording quality.  During the height of the pandemic, numerous voiceover agents worldwide were proudly tweeting about and listing their voices that have home-studios.  In most cases, these home studios consist of a basic microphone, a few duvets scattered around the room (or over their heads) and a severe lack of technical skill.  Yes, voiceover agents will at least vet for 'talent' and/or experience but none will truly and effectively test audio quality.  So you as the client could be agreeing to book an apparently professional voiceover service but end up with a recording full of all of the flaws mentioned above.

Voiceover directories known as P2P (or Pay-to-Play) generally accept anyone willing to pay to join.  These sites often shout about how many thousands of voices you'll have to choose from.  Whoop-de-doo.  There is no proving ground, no barrier to entry.  

Voiceover Profiles® is different.  Hear for yourselfThe introduction each voiceover gives in the search results is a real recording from their studio.  This is the quality you will receive for your project.

To save you time getting lost searching for voice talent for your project, rest assured that you are booking the best in the business. As we grow our collection of top-notch voice talent, this site could be the only voice acting website you'll ever need.

Booking a voiceover artist

Booking a voiceover artist through Voiceover Profiles® is simple.  Use the search facility and listen to the short intro track and then click through to particular voiceover artist profiles to hear their demos, watch video content and read about them.  Then use the contact form to contact them directly.  The voiceover will come back asap and they'll be able to give you a quote, time-scale and everything you need to complete your voiceover project.

Voiceover Profiles® charges NO FEES and NO COMMISSION on any project.  You work with the voice talent directly and any contract is between you and the voiceover artist.  Voiceover Profiles® is a highly curated directory of voiceover pros created to save you time, hassle and committed to stellar quality.  So, if you are looking for voiceover artists with professional home studios you can feel confident you have come to the right platform.

Not for beginners

If you are reading this and you are a voice actor then you can register for the next application window here.  Just to re-iterate, the platform is not for beginning voiceovers.  But don’t worry you are not entirely left out as if that's you or you want to improve your voiceover skills head to Voiceover Kickstart where amongst other great voiceover resources you'll find the free voiceover webinar .  Oh and there's also the podcast (The Recorded Voice) available for free now across all podcasting platforms.

Thanks for reading.

Guy Michaels.